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Comverse Technology’s Network Systems Division Announces New Distributed Prepaid Wireless Platform

System Enables Provision Of Prepaid Wireless Services; Distributed Architecture Already Selected By More Than Ten Wireless Operators

WOODBURY, NY, October 28, 1998 – Comverse Network Systems, a division of Comverse Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: CMVT), and the world’s leading supplier of enhanced services platforms to wireless and wireline network operators, today announced its new Distributed Prepaid Wireless service platform architecture. The new platform architecture, which already has been selected by more than ten wireless operators worldwide, serves the wireless industry’s growing demand for prepaid services which allow wireless operators to broaden their subscriber base and penetrate previously untapped market segments, such as persons with poor or insufficient credit, and high school and college students.

Comverse’s Distributed Prepaid Wireless system enables wireless network operators to reduce the operational and transmission costs associated with the large-scale, high-volume call traffic of prepaid wireless services, while providing ubiquitous access to their subscribers. The system, developed by Comverse Network Systems’ Intelligent Network (IN) Division, is based on an architecture which allows for the deployment of platforms in multiple sites, dispersed throughout a country or region, while managing these sites as a single system from a centralized facility. Based on Comverse’s Service Node architecture, the system’s extensive switch integration capabilities enable the Prepaid Wireless service to be deployed in a variety of network environments, including AMPS, GSM (900MHz), NMT, PCN (1800 MHz), PCS (1900 MHz), CDMA, and TDMA.

Comverse’s distributed architecture offers a wireless operator the unique advantage of providing ubiquitous access to Prepaid Wireless service, regardless of the subscriber’s location within the wireless operator’s network. An outgoing call is handled by the nearest platform, with the relevant subscriber information retrieved from the home location, which may reside on another node in the network. Once the call is completed, the local site automatically updates the home site database with any changes that need to be made to a subscriber’s account.

This feature streamlines the network routing associated with prepaid calls, and saves the wireless operator the burden of handling complicated routing tables for each site in the network. It also significantly reduces the transmission costs and traffic congestion associated with “back-hauling” calls to a central/remote system.

According to Kobi Alexander, Chairman, President, and CEO of Comverse Technology, "Prepaid wireless services are an increasingly popular way for mobile network operators to expand their customer base to what were largely untapped segments of the market. Comverse’s Distributed Prepaid Wireless Services Architecture will enable wireless operators to provide the optimum Prepaid Wireless service across their network at a greatly reduced cost.”


Comverse Technology Inc. Contact
Industry Press
Kay Brewer
Comverse Network Systems
100 Quannapowitt Parkway
Wakefield, MA 01880
(781) 224-8612

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