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Revolutionary Technology Enables New Generation Of Business Applications

ISLANDIA, N.Y., December 8, 1998-- Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA) today began shipping the first implementation of Neugents™ , its revolutionary neural network technology. Neugents enable an entirely new generation of business applications that can not only analyze conditions in business markets and technical environments, but also predict changes in those conditions and suggest courses of action to proactively capitalize on opportunities and/or avoid potential problems.

Just as importantly, Neugents can perform these valuable functions through "self-learning" processes that empower them to progressively assimilate new information and apply it to new situations without manual programming. Thus, for the first time, software can instinctively identify new business markets, spotlight new sources of revenue and intelligently automate business functions.

The first implementation, Unicenter TNG Neugents, can proactively prevent performance and availability problems with a level of precision and rigor unattainable by today's conventional trend and resource analysis solutions. Future implementations of Neugents will encompass active data mining, e-commerce, financial services and other mission-critical business applications.

"This announcement underscores CA's conviction that, to truly achieve their business objectives, IT departments have to move from fixing problems to preventing them," said CA Chairman and CEO Charles B. Wang. "Neugents are a ground-breaking solution that will empower IT to deliver the service levels that today's digital enterprises require at staffing levels they can afford."

This powerful solution results from the seamless integration of two complementary CA technologies --the ability of Neugents to perform multi-dimensional pattern recognition based on historical performance data and the power of Unicenter TNG to monitor the IT environment from an end-to-end business-process perspective.

"With business applications becoming increasingly more complex and mission-critical in nature, it is more necessary than ever for IT staffs to proactively predict and address performance and availability problems before any downtime occurs," said Steve Foote, senior vice president, Hurwitz Group. "By working closely with its customers, Computer Associates has recognized this challenge and has implemented an exciting strategy to address these major issues."

Unicenter TNG Neugents help enable corporate IT departments to achieve unprecedented service levels by effectively predicting and avoiding network outages while reducing the time-consuming efforts required to develop threshold-based policies or other customization. By providing true proactive problem prevention, Unicenter TNG Neugents offer the ability to avoid the significant costs associated with downtime and poor performance --including lost productivity, revenues and business opportunities.

Once Neugents have "learned" sufficient history, they can automatically generate predictions of future system performance and availability based on existing conditions. Based on their analysis, Unicenter TNG Neugents can generate a predictive alert, such as: "There is a 70 percent chance the system will experience a performance bottleneck in 40 minutes."

"The industry has never seen new technology make such a compelling business case," said Wang. "We are giving clients a solution that will make time an ally instead of an enemy."

Rave Reviews From Users

Unicenter TNG Neugents have already made a significant impact on the operations of a number of Windows NT users who have tested the neural network-enabled Unicenter TNG.

"Neugents can take two weeks of historical performance data, and in 15 minutes, train the neural network," said Rob Raeseman, systems project leader, Jacksonville Electric Authority. "Then you're off and running. Neugents can detect if something's wrong, even if you never imagined a particular system event or concurrence of events could ever possibly happen - let alone program for that situation."

"Not only are Neugents powerful out of the box, but they get even more powerful the more you use them," said Yousef Lasi, systems architect, NCI Information Systems. "That's because the more data it collects, the more it learns. And the more it learns, the more accurate its predictions."

"The most impressive thing about this technology is Neugents' ability to predict events," said Bruce Allison, manager, technical support services at DAOU Systems, Inc. "In one of our first experiences with Neugents, they predicted that a server had 100 percent probability of a severe performance degradation. Sure enough, as we watched and monitored the server, performance was severely impacted. The Neugents traced it to a network bottleneck."

"Neugents enable us to maintain equipment and critical services at levels heretofore unheard of," said James E. Stoucker, vice president of Consulting Services, NCI Information Systems, Inc. "In a domain where a few seconds of downtime can mean tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue, the ability to employ Neugents to prevent the loss of critical server availability is essential. Once you get used to the benefits derived from this revolutionary technology, there's just no going back."

Data Intelligence For The Bottom Line

Unicenter TNG Neugents enable organizations to perform predictive management of distributed environments. While humans are adept at monitoring a handful of parameters, Neugents can automatically analyze and monitor thousands of parameters simultaneously. Neugents accomplish this through adaptive pattern recognition and sophisticated clustering analysis of information gathered by the Unicenter TNG infrastructure.

Employing the latest advances in neural network technology, the Neugents' predictive capabilities leapfrog conventional trend analysis and narrow, rule-based approaches. Instead of using predefined and static management policies, Neugents continually monitor a system, comparing it to its recognized common modes of behavior. When they encounter an uncommon condition, the Neugents make a prediction on the probability of a failure and trigger an alert to Unicenter TNG so it can take appropriate action.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing for Unicenter TNG Neugents starts at $2,000 for Windows NT servers.


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