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BMC Software Assures
Availability, Performance and
Recovery of Microsoft SQL Server 7.0


BMC Software’s ChangeDataMove Only Product to Seamlessly Deliver Legacy Data to SQL Server 7.0

COMDEX - LAS VEGAS, NV - (November 16, 1998) Houston, TX-based BMC Software, Inc., today announced several new products to ensure the seamless deployment and operation of Microsoft SQL Server 7.0. BMC Software’s solution support for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 revolves around BMC Software’s Application Service Assurance (ASA) strategy, which provides customers integrating SQL Server 7.0 databases into their enterprise, the confidence that their applications will benefit from the availability, performance and recovery of SQL Server 7.0.

"As more enterprise customers plan to move their business-critical applications onto SQL Server 7.0 databases, it is imperative that Microsoft customers have management solutions to protect their investments," said Jim Ewel, director, SQL Server product marketing at Microsoft Corporation. "We’re pleased that BMC Software will provide our customers with enterprise-class management solutions that will ensure the health of SQL Server 7.0 databases supporting applications critical to business operations."

"BMC Software is in the business of ensuring that applications are available, performing well, and in the case of an outage, can be recovered quickly and efficiently," said Bob Kruger, vice president of Windows NT-based solutions for BMC Software. "If users are unable to access the data they need to make critical business decisions, productivity slows and business suffers. Our products uniquely deliver the Application Service Assurance that SQL Server 7.0 customers require across databases as well as their enterprise computing environments."

Most notably, BMC Software’s ChangeDataMove product will provide the only solution that seamlessly delivers mainframe legacy data to Microsoft SQL Server 7.0. ChangeDataMove is a key product of BMC Software’s Enterprise Data Propagation (EDP) solution. ChangeDataMove ensures optimal data availability by ensuring the quality, currency and integrity of data for customers with very large databases, high transaction rates and 24x7 availability requirements. It is the only product on the market that will move transaction data from IBM* IMS, VSAM and DB2* databases to Microsoft SQL Server 7.0.

Along with ChangeDataMove, several other products from BMC Software will support Microsoft SQL Server 7.0. The products include:

  • PATROL Knowledge Module (KM) for Microsoft SQL Server: provides 24x7 availability requirements for SQL Server users by monitoring and managing the SQL Server environment for early detection and correction. The PATROL KM for SQL Server will be available simultaneously with the release of Microsoft SQL Server 7.0.
  • PATROL DB-Change Manager for Microsoft SQL Server: automates common database tasks and provides a unique level of protection by analyzing the impact of changes before implementing them. Structural changes can be propagated and managed across multiple SQL Server systems supporting large enterprise deployments of Microsoft SQL Server.
  • PATROL DB-Admin Knowledge Module for Microsoft SQL Server: tracks changes being applied to multiple instances of SQL Server.
  • PATROL SQL-Explorer for Microsoft SQL Server: enables DBAs and application developers to identify, model and correct problematic SQL statements throughout the application development and deployment life cycles.
  • SQL-BackTrack for Microsoft SQL Server: automates, shortens and reduces errors during backup windows and recoveries through true incremental backups, selective object extraction recovery, remote administration and guided master database recovery.

In addition to these ASA solutions for SQL Server, BMC Software provides ASA solutions, backed by customer support, for mission-critical applications residing on SQL Server including BackOffice applications and all the major ERP applications.

About BMC Software

BMC Software, Inc. is the industry leader in delivering Application Service Assurance (ASA) solutions – enterprise-level software and support that improves the availability, performance and recovery of critical applications and data in complex computing environments. BMC Software is the world's 12th largest independent software vendor and a Forbes 500 company, with revenues exceeding $730 million in fiscal 1998. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with offices worldwide. For more information, please call 800 841-2031 or 713 918-8800.


BMC  Contact
Lesley Casillas
BMC Software
(713) 918-2036

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