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High-Performance Hardware, Failover Software Provides NASA with Continuous Access to Critical Data on Historic Flight

Santa Clara, CA–November 3, 1998–Auspex Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: ASPX) is providing NASA's Mission Control team with continuous access to critical telemetry data during this week's historic mission of the Space Shuttle Discovery.

NASA's mission controllers have shared access to multiple file systems throughout the Discovery mission via eight high-performance Auspex NetServers combined with ServerGuard failover software. ServerGuard is an innovative software solution that mirrors the NetServers and automatically delivers failover file service even in the event of a catastrophic system failure.

"When it comes to high-availability, there is no environment with a more critical need for continuous data access than the one at NASA Mission Control," said Paul Levine, Director of System Engineering at Auspex. "Every second counts in these missions, and manual intervention to recover from system failures must be minimized. Auspex's high-performance, high-availability solutions deliver continuous data availability, which is essential for a successful space mission."

"Auspex high-availability servers and software have played a key role in each Space Shuttle mission over the last four years," said Bruce N. Moore, President and Chief Executive Officer of Auspex Systems. "

The Auspex solutions at NASA's Mission Control Center manage crucial telemetry data and communications with the Space Shuttle crew to help achieve an error-free launch, a successful mission, and a safe journey home."

About Auspex Systems

Auspex Systems is a leading provider of network data-serving solutions–hardware, software and services. With a strong franchise of Fortune 1000 companies, Auspex's strategy of Continuous Data Access reflects the objectives of customers that view protecting, delivering and managing network data as one of their biggest strategic business challenges, today and in the future. Founded in 1987, Auspex is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. The company employs approximately 600 people, with sales and support offices worldwide. Visit the company's Web site at


Auspex Contacts
Press Relations
Mary Nowak 
(408) 566-2148
Suzanne L. Thomas
(510) 420-6682
Investor Relations
Sharon Travers
(408) 566-2213

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