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ALAMEDA, Calif., December 1, 1998 - Ascend Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASND), a leader in wide area networking (WAN) and Intelligent Networking (IN) solutions for providers and users of the next-generation public network, has once again been declared the market leader in Remote Access Concentrator (RAC) revenues, according to Frost & Sullivan's newly released 1998 "US Remote Access Hardware Markets" report.

According to the Frost & Sullivan report, Ascend not only continues to lead all competitors with 30 percent market share in RAC revenues for 1998, but has increased its share over 1997. The Frost and Sullivan report cites Ascend's emphasis on standards, interoperability, and responsiveness to the diverse range of customer requirements in positioning it for future market share growth.

"Ascend has been a pioneer in the carrier market for remote access concentrators and has been among the first to incorporate an increasing array of multi-service capabilities into its products," said Greg Naderi, market research analyst with Frost and Sullivan. "Ascend's success can be attributed to its ability to develop new products, enhance existing product lines, and distribute its products through hybrid distribution channels that efficiently reach customers throughout the world."

Ascend's leadership in the remote access market is centered on the MAX families of WAN access switching products, offering the broadest range of access solutions in the industry. Ascend's MAX WAN access switch product line includes powerful remote access concentrators that help enterprise and network service providers build remote networks of any size, with virtually any combination of analog and digital carrier services. The MAX TNT is a carrier-class WAN access switch that gives large corporations and network service providers a high-capacity, multiservice platform for building high-density networks.

The MAX family is powered by Ascend's True Access Operating System (TAOS), the first comprehensive software architecture for WAN access environments; enabled by NavisAccess, the next-generation tool for managing dial access and frame relay concentration environments; and implemented by Ascend's Global Integration Services (GIS), a newly created business unit consisting of customer technical support and education, logistics, and professional services. Ascend's combined capabilities enable the company to create advanced access solutions like MultiVPN, MultiVoice and Carrier Signaling, as well as last mile solutions, such as network wholesaling, Frame Relay concentration and MultiDSL.

"Ascend is delighted to be recognized as the continued leader in the remote access hardware market," said Kurt Bauer, vice president, Access Product Management of Ascend's Access Switching Division. "The findings of the Frost & Sullivan report underscore our commitment to providing WAN access solutions that not only handle skyrocketing network growth and demands but also enable our customers to offer services that will keep them ahead of the competition."

Explosive growth of new Internet and public data network services is driving many service providers to build next-generation networks to be used for offering high-speed Internet access and backbone network services to accommodate increased data traffic. Eagle Communications, a Network Wholesale service provider, is using Ascend remote access concentrators to help it enable its service provider customers to buy network access and backbone capacity which they in turn will resell to ISPs and enterprise customers.

"Ascend's access products are playing a key role in enabling us to build a next-generation infrastructure that will result in a new level of service offerings for both service providers and enterprise customers," said Kent Charugundla, president and CEO of Eagle Communications. "Through technological innovation and marketing, Ascend is helping us to extend our business model and expand our network so we can help our ISP customers to extend their geographic reach, quickly and efficiently."

Reports from other research organizations further underscore the market leadership of Ascend's MAX and MAX TNT families of remote access products. Ascend has been recognized as the market leader for the first half of 1998 in the following markets: total worldwide remote access server (RAS) concentrator revenue and ports shipped (International Data Corp.); RAS concentrator end user revenue, manufacturer revenue and port shipments (In-Stat); total remote access concentration, service provider remote access concentration, and asynchronous port shipments (Dell'Oro Group); and access concentrator factory revenue (Dataquest).

About Ascend Communications
Ascend Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASND) develops, manufactures, sells and services wide area networking solutions for telecommunications carriers, Internet service providers and corporate customers worldwide.

For more information about Ascend and its products, please e-mail to For Investor Relations, please call our communications hotline at 800-648-3059 or 760-704-4423 (outside the US & Canada). Additional investor information can also be accessed on our Investor Relations page.



Ascend Editorial Contact
Rob Bunnell
Ascend Communications
(978) 952-1283

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