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Company News


ADTRAN Signs Three-Year Agreement with Bell Atlantic

HUNTSVILLE, AL, October 13, 1998 - ADTRAN, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADTN) announced today that the company has signed a three-year contract with Bell Atlantic Network Services, Inc. to be the primary supplier of High-bit rate Digital Subscriber Line (HDSL) equipment throughout the Bell Atlantic region.

As the primary supplier, ADTRAN will provide HDSL products that will enable Bell Atlantic to continue to provide quality T-1 service to its customers.

"With cost-effective, high-performance equipment that transforms copper wire local loops into high speed digital networks, ADTRAN can support Bell Atlantic's competitive position in the data communications industry," said ADTRAN CEO and Chairman Mark C. Smith. He added, "ADTRAN is committed to ensuring the successful deployment of our HDSL products across the Bell Atlantic footprint."

High-bit rate Digital Subscriber Line (HDSL) is a loop transmission technology that is used to transport a DS1 signal (1.544 Mega bits per second) over two copper cable pairs. HDSL technology maximizes the utilization of the existing telco infrastructure by facilitating high-speed digital transmission over embedded copper cable plant.

Established in 1985, ADTRAN is a leading provider of total system solutions for delivering today's digital transmission technologies over existing telecommunications infrastructures. The company is best-known for developing cost-effective, high-performance equipment that transforms copper wire local loops into high-speed digital networks. The ISO 9001 company is a top supplier of DDS, ISDN, Frame Relay, T1/FT1 and HDSL products. ADTRAN customers include GTE, the Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs) and many of the more than 1,300 independent Telcos in the United States. ADTRAN also designs and manufactures products for private end-users in the customer premises equipment (CPE) market.

For more information, contact the company at 1-800-9ADTRAN or via e-mail at On the web, visit


ADTRAN Editorial Contact
Stacy Thomas
256/963-8488 (voice) /963-7916 (fax)

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