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Company News

Adaptec Provides ULTRA2
to Linux Community

MILPITAS, Calif. - November 30, 1998 - In support of the Linux operating system, Adaptec has provided the necessary tools, product, and documentation required for the development of Ultra2 drivers. The Ultra2 driver development support that Adaptec has provided will offer users huge performance and stability increases. Ultra2 capabilities are now available in the main LINUX source and
will be released in Red Hat Software's Linux 5.2 OS product.

"The current Linux support of Adaptec products is better than anything previously available to the Linux OS community", said Doug Ledford, developer of Linux Ultra2 drivers at Red Hat Software. "Adaptec's continuous support is additional proof that the Linux OS is growing rapidly."

"Adaptec is committed to being an industry leader by offering the most reliable operating system support," said Lee Caswell, director of performance solutions at Adaptec. " By working with Red Hat Software we are ensuring that comprehensive driver technology is available to the Linux OS community."

Adaptec recognizes the continued development model for Linux OS as a benefit to the PC industry. They also provide SCSI chip design and host adapters to key Linux OS developers, and product information for quality assurance labs to Linux OS distributors.

About Adaptec:

Adaptec provides bandwidth management technologies for organizations building the global information infrastructure. Its high-performance I/O, connectivity, and network products are incorporated into the systems and products of major computer and peripheral manufacturers. Founded in 1981 and headquartered in
Milpitas, Calif., Adaptec (NASDAQ: ADPT) employs people worldwide in design, manufacturing, sales, service and distribution. Adaptec's home page is

About Linux:

Linux is the cooperatively developed POSIX-oriented, multi-user, multi-tasking operating system used world wide. Linux is used as an exceptional value, fully functional UNIX workstation for Internet servers and other applications. Red Hat Linux is maintained as "freely distributable" software available from many sites on the Internet.


Adaptec Editorial Contact
Kathryn Kelly
Public Relations Program
Manager for Adaptec, Inc.
t: 408.957.1484

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