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June-July '96 - Top 100 - VIV's Choice

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Top 100*100 Digest


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Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes/Comments
VAR Business The End of the Floppy? by Karen Balch Even though customers are clamoring for a better-suited replacement, the traditional floppy remains the standard.... Technology jointly developed by Matsushita-Kotobuki Electronics (MKE), Compaq, O.R. Technology and 3M... The LS-120 is a 120-Mbyte floppy system that will backward read and write traditional 1.44-Mbyte disks...


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
Web Marketing Today Using Banner Ads to Promote Your Web Site by Ralph F. Wilson Web marketers can use a variety of tactics to raise the number of visitors which cost little but time...
Web Developer Web Log Analysis: Who's Doing What, When? By Glenn Fleishman Analyzing your Web site's traffic can be a fascinating study of how users traverse your pages, but it can also lead to information overkill.
WebMaster Magazine Home Page: My Business Model WebMaster's Publisher and Editor in Chief Lew McCreary offers his model for Web business riches.
Web Week Using the Web as PC Sales Channel by Ellis Booker One of the latest business-to-business marketplaces on the Web has a narrow but important goal: Streamline the interaction between PC computer-marketers, equipment resellers and corporate buyers.
Win95 Magazine Tips & Tricks: Getting the Most out of Windows 95 by Jeremy Young Since the release of Windows 95 in August of 1995, users have been looking for ways to make Win95 simpler, easier, and more useful...
Windows Magazine NT Keeps Going...and Going By John D. Ruley ...Microsoft still won't give out numbers for Windows NT. But it does give some clues...
Windows NT Magazine Windows NT Server: An Open Platform? by Mark Smith IBM, Oracle, and Netscape are all creating NT rivals for taking over back-office functions--messaging, systems management, host connectivity, database, Web servers, and more....
Windows Sources Plug Into Netscape Navigator With its dozens of plug-ins, Navigator isn't just a Web browser--it's a development platform...
WordPerfect Magazine Save time and effort by recycling old documents by Melissa Wallentine If you are a typical computer user, you reuse old documents more often than you create new ones... Trouble is, sometimes you forget to rename the new document, and you inadvertently overwrite (and lose!) the original. Or perhaps you have trouble finding the last and best cover letter you wrote. WordPerfect 6.1 has three solutions for you, and WordPerfect 6.0a has two.
WorldVillage Pandora's Toybox. by Tina Velgos The words create imagery of adventure and chaos. Perhaps that's one way of viewing the Internet...
WWiz Magazine Scott Zuckman and Richard Rosenblatt of Web Builders International by Don Hamilton Certainly one of the hottest businesses going today is Web page providing...

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