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June-July '96 - Top 100 - VIV's Choice

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Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
SEHR Stanford Electronic Humanities Review. Constructions of the Mind: Artificial Intelligence and the Humanities A special issue edited by Stefano Franchi and Güven Güzeldere ... is devoted to the exploration of convergences and dissonances between Artificial Intelligence and the Humanities
Shift Digital Fishwrap It's been a year since the initial boom that launched online publishing. With over 700 publications online have we achieved the newspaper of the future?
Service News The building blocks of a successful support center By Char LaBounty THE BEST PLACE TO START IS AT THE BEGINNING: You start by understanding the six elements that comprise your support center and their natural hierarchy.
Sober Witness User Authentication Tutorial An overview of USER AUTHENTICATION for a web page
Software Quarterly Magazine Network-Centric Computing
by Todd L. Watson
In the first wave of computing large systems were relegated to "glass houses," isolated from those who needed access to their power. The second wave of computing saw PCs on users' desks and the first, tentative steps to link users to distant data. The third wave, characterized by network-centric computing (NCC), is taking on tsunami proportions...
Sun World Online Acorn readys $500 Java-ready Network Computer ... in London, Acorn Computer Group Plc, the company responsible for developing the network computer specification for Oracle Corp., will launch what it claims is the world's first NC, called the NetStation.
Sys Admin A Dispatcher for Database Engine Alarms by Jon Alder and Ed Schaefer What do you do if the database engine crashes at 3 a.m.?... Informix has added just such an event-alarm facility to their Online Data Management System, version 6.0 and greater... Since the facility always calls the same program, that program must be a dispatcher controlling subsequent calls based on event severity. This article provides a dispatcher program.


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
Technology Review Massachusetts Institute of Technology The Web Maestro: An Interview with Tim Berners-Lee ... Berners-Lee spoke with Technology Review senior editor Herb Brody about how he devised the Web, why its critics are off base, and how he envisions it will change and improve in the years ahead.
The Net Magazine Television Available Through A Phone Line ...have a look at Broadband Technologies, a developer of Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) technology. Broadband is supplying the equipment that will allow local telephone companies to hook the copper telephone wires running through just about every home in America to a fiber optic network, and provide Internet access speeds of 51 Mbps.
The Spider's Web Vigilantism stands guard over the Net By Dave Eggleston The Internet community guards cyberspace with a zeal that would make an overprotective mother seem lackadaisical by comparison... A pair of lawyers in Arizona achieved status as Internet outlaws two years ago after they advertised on approximately 6,000 discussion groups. They were flogging their book...
TidBITS Font Outfitters by Andrew J. Cohen The first and most tedious step of font management with either program is organizing font suitcases on a server or local hard disk...


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
Unix News International Reporting tools by Jason Stamper ... to compile a report in a few minutes instead of a hours, days and weeks: The mahogany set; Flexibility; Security risk; IT tension; The higher level; The future...
UnixWorld Online Integrating a Windows 95Host into a TCP/IP LAN By Tom Yager ...few Unix system administrators in organizations of any size will escape integration of Windows, Windows 95, and Windows NT hosts into their TCP/IP LANs. Despite the rhetoric, integrating Windows clients isn't all plug-and-play...
Upside Eric Nee interviews Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers Cisco Systems Inc. is the most invisible major company in high tech. Its anonymity is due in some part to the modest nature of the guy at the top, CEO John Chambers. Despite having lots to crow about--such as Cisco's $25 billion market cap and dominance of the internetworking market--Chambers prefers the soft pedal. But don't let his southern good-old-boy style fool you...

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