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June-July '96 - Top 100 - VIV's Choice

Computer & Software WWW Magazines & Journals

Top 100*100 Digest


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Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
National Computer Tectonics Desktop Publishing Programs by Denise McNickle ... take a look at many desktop publishing programs, their strengths and weaknesses, and the types of documents and publications best suited for each one.
Navigator What Makes a Great Web Site? by Andrew B. King This article will break down the essential characteristics of great Web sites into some easily followed rules of thumb.
Net Guide The Intranet Survival Guide By Ed Tittel & James Michael Stewart ... advice and recommendations to help you realize your own intranet goals without blowing your budget, or your mind.
NetWatch The Almost Real-Time Internet Millionaires List by Mike Walsh and Jeff Pulver. Capitalization of Internet Related Public Companies and Personal Holdings of Their Millionaire Owners ...a list of some Internet related companies and their major shareholders.
Network Computing THE NETWORKOLOGIST by Patricia Schnaidt ATM Works, But It's Only Version 2.0
ATM is making its way out of labs and into production, particularly in the backbone and some specialized WAN applications.


Magazine EL RANK* Outline/Quotes
OEM Magazine "Internet Inc." by Larry Lange What commercial users once called "surfing the Web" is now generally known as "wading through mud."


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
PC Computing Easy accounting for any business by Mike Hogan Bean Counting: Next-generation accounting packages let you take charge of all your numbers. Get important insight into your business and boost your bottom line with these all-in-one tools...
PC Magazine Why is Windows NT getting so much attention? by Michael Miller With all the current talk about Net boxes, plug-ins, Web sites, and browsers, it was refreshing that many of Michael's readers wrote in to ask questions about software that isn't necessarily Internet-related.
PC World Best Products of 1996 By Eric Knorr ... buying guide to 82 top products and companies, winners of PC World's 14th annual World Class awards.

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