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June-July '96 - Top 100 - VIV's Choice

Computer & Software WWW Magazines & Journals

Top 100*100 Digest


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Magazine MIPS** Outline/Quotes
IBM Personal Systems Magazine OS/2 Warp Server: An Architectural Primer by Philip Lieberman This article reviews basic LAN architecture and then discusses unique features of OS/2 Warp Server.
InfoWorld Microsoft gives sneak preview of new Office suite By Jessica Davis and Dana Gardner Microsoft Office 97 applications will offer the capability to include hyperlinks within documents to other documents either on the intranet or the Internet
Information Week Data Dilemma By John Foley The issue is privacy. Corporations are compiling huge databases of customer-specific information, some of which is sensitive... Data warehouse specialist Acxiom, for instance, has information on 95% of U.S. households... knows your name, telephone number, approximate income, height, weight, education, buying habits, type of car, and credit-card use... your family relationships, ...
iWORLD Web Advertising to Reach $1.97 Billion by 2000 ... the first online advertisers were mostly computer and car companies.
Institute (IEEE) Engineer, aim high: How does 'chief technology officer' sound? By --G.G. As your career progresses and you take on more nontechnical duties, is there any way you can still look at yourself in the mirror and honestly say, "I'm an engineer"? Industry experts say you can. ..high-tech companies recognized for technical excellence had ratios of 3:1 to 5:1 of technical positions to management positions with comparable pay and responsibility...
Inter@ctive Week Long-Haul Fees Could Be In Net's Future By Paula Bernier Long-distance providers and any other carriers that provide backbone Internet facilities could do the accounting much as telephone companies do today with one another at interconnection points.
Interactive Age New ad measurement technique By John Evan Frook ... a service that reports on the efficacy of advertising in real time and shows advertisers exactly how many people are reaching their Web sites.
Internet World The Cable Chase by David Zgodzinski While @Home and other U.S. Vendors struggle to develop cable Internet systems, many Canadians are enjoying cable service today.
Intranet Journal Five Intranet Management Problems ... by David Rowley Five Intranet Management Problems You Can Solve With a Change Management System...
The discipline of managing, controlling, and automating changes in your files is called software change management.


Magazine MIPS** Outline/Quotes
LAN Magazine A Plug for Plug-ins by Robert Richardson Browsers will sprout multiple layers of configuration dialog boxes; there will be some sort of Norton toolkit for easy browser maintenance; people will begin to argue about who's responsible for various incompatibilities.
LAN Times 10/100 Switches They may be the next wave of high-speed networking, but are they right for your LAN?


Magazine MIPS** Outline/Quotes/Comments
Mac User Double Trouble By Ted Landau Apple's recent trend towards releasing several different programs that all do pretty much the same thing -- except that each one works only with certain Mac models. It's made worse by Installers that don't always correctly install the required files and by documentation that doesn't adequately inform confused users about what is going on, leaving them to sort it out for themselves.
Mac Week Leave the doors open, but keep the information secure By April Streeter In the heterogeneous, hacker-happy world of the Internet, network managers can never be entirely sure of the safety of their networks. While Macs have decided security advantages compared to Unix-based Internet hosts, even pure-Mac sites should have operators who know the latest options for putting LAN resources under lock and key.
Macworld Online Multimedia Options Multiply by Jim Heid From presentations to interactive titles ... These Volksprograms don't provide the development horsepower of their Cadillac cousins, but they offer easy entry into the interactive world.
Microprocessor Report Intel's Geography Lesson by Linley Gwennap Product "Rivermap" Includes Klamath, Deschutes, and Merced... These code names have replaced the traditional "Pxx" nomenclature that Intel used for a decade.
Microsoft Magazine Simplifying the PC by Bill Gates Bill Gates's SIPS vs. Larry Ellison's NC:
Microsoft's chairman declares a Simply Interactive PC (SIPC) alternative of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's Network Computer (NC )
Mobilis X-Port 1.0.3 for Newton by John Schettino Looking for a fast and efficient way to exchange information between your Newton and Windows or Mac-based PC? .... take a look at X-Port 1.0.3. While it's not perfect, ... it may just be good enough.
MultimediaWorld Online The Most Dangerous Game(s) Whether your game of choice is a strategy, a sim, a shooter, or a role-playing adventure, multiplayer games raise the competitive stakes to an intensely personal level. For the latest in excitement and fun, check out these hot titles.

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